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Gavin Jones

Head Coach

Gavin joined Extra Time AFC as a coach in 2020 and decided to bring his 18 years of playing experience to our coaching program. He has a wealth of experience in playing and coaching at all levels, having played for Swansea City AFC and Cardiff City FC at the academy level, as well as numerous Welsh League clubs at the senior level. Today, Gavin plays for Goytre United FC as a winger.

Gavin's wealth of experience makes him the perfect fit to lead our team. His knowledge of the game is second to none. Not only is he a great coach, but the rest of the players look up to him as a role model on and off the pitch. He has developed a passion for teaching kids and sharing his knowledge with players of all ages.

Gavin offers a number of coaching services, including individual coaching, small-group, and team training.

To contact Gavin, please email him at

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