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We have created Training Videos for the more committed players who’re looking to improve their own game and working on how they perform. To become a top professional in today's game, training on the field won't be enough. Speed, power, endurance, athleticism and strength combined with detailed football sessions will take your game to a complete different level. These videos / programs can be taken up separately when not training with the team or can be worked upon by themselves, when at home. A good football player always realizes the power of Individual football training and how having a ball all to themselves for rolling, juggling or dribbling can be helpful. One can practice the best of their footwork and improve upon it only when training individually.

We have tried to keep our training videos as simple as possible. You do not need fancy equipment or to be a member of a gym! If you have those, then great. However, you will need a ball and a training partner, which will massively help in many ways. You could do 80% of the sessions in your back garden but some sessions i.e striking / shooting will require a field or a goal.  You may need to do some workouts at a local park if you're not a member of a gym. 

This channel is coming soon!
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